Celebrate National Car Care Month with Bethlehem Ford!

There may not be presents or a day off of work, but we think National Car Care Month should be widely celebrated! It reminds us of the importance of keeping our cars efficient and in good shape, so they’ll be as safe as can be. And after a long winter, April is a great time to do some spring cleaning where your car is concerned.


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Time to hit the car wash!

A lot of us don’t like to spend time cleaning out our cars in the winter, so now’s a great time to come in for a thorough detailing and get your car fresh and sparkly inside and out. If your wipers worked overtime this season, it may be time to replace them. You’ll want to be driving on summer or all-season tires now, and ensure that your brakes are up to snuff.

We’re happy to give your vehicle a good once-over to make sure fluids are filled, tires are ready, and all systems are go. Check our service coupons page for savings on your automotive check-up and then schedule with our service center. Let’s get you ready for summer road trips!

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